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Thread: nile sust

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    Cool nile sust

    Hi guys I'm new here and would like to say great site its awsome. Now my question it this. I have been injecting my first cycle of sust for about three weeks and everytime I inject it I start to have a sick feeling the next day like I was comming down with a cold or flu is this normal, and the nile sust I have is legit I have checked it in the pic's on this site plus in my anabolics 2002 book please reply to a sick little(for now) man. Oh yeah and it last only about 2 days then its all better. I also have not gained much in size or weight and I have been ijecting for 3 weeks now at 250 the 1st week 500 the second week and 500 the third week


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    1. do not pyrmid the sustanon u cant keep blood levels consistant with sus. unless ur injecting eod due to prop.
    2. ineject it e3d or eod to take advantage of prop in it. nile sust is known to have very low prop compared to other sustanon products so that aint ur best choice
    3. its your first cycle you should have stuck with enanthate a longer ester. if i were u id switch asap. nile is poor in quality.
    4. hope u got anti e's and colmid for pct
    5. u should have done your study b4 even thinking about a cycle.

    good luck.

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    You are feeling the sust flu or test flu or whatever you want to call it, it is somewhat normal some people get it some people dont.

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    Sust also takes about 3 weeks to start feeling results.

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    Hey guys thanks for the input but I had a question about hitting the sust EOD
    would this increse the side efects and also if I were to do that would it be better to take it at 250mg or 500eod I think maybe hitting it every third day at 250 might work?. And yes I have done some homework into the sus but never read about the sick feeling anywhere and never read about EOD or EO3rd day injection the only thing that I found was to inject it every week or the max every 10 days.

    Thanks again

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