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Thread: gyno and pain..

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    gyno and pain..

    ok bros i have a quick question... ever since i was a teenager i've had small lumps under my nips.. Im just curious if the AS starts to cause some gyno if my nips will get the usual soreness and pain that may experience when they get gyno...since i've always had these little lumps would they just get worse or would the pain accompany it so i can tell if it is getting any worse.. i've been keeping a close eye on everything and haven;t had any pain and am running nolva and arimidex (liquid).. so i think i should be ok but i just wanted to check to see if anyone knows if i would still get the sensitivity and pain which occurs in many despite already having small lumps.. thanks bros..

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    I would just make sure that you are taking your arimi and nolva throughout in order to stop any more growth before it starts.

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