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    Clen is Great but......

    My problem is i took clen for 2 weeks at 200mcg's a day and worked great. Now im off for two weeks and using an ECA for two weeks then ill be back on clen but im getting nausaus from the ECA and have no appetite. Im taking 6 eca tabs a day. Would it be ok to stop taking the eca and wait till im ready to use the clen in about a week because i cant stand not having an appetite and feeling sick.

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    cut back on the eca stack first and see how that makes you feel

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    Bro you don't HAVE to run the ECA. The ECA is just a way to keep your metabolism high during your two wks off from the clen . If the ECA gives you a feeling of distress...don't use it. I agree in that you should cut your dose back first to see how you react.

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