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Thread: Winstrol Tabs ?

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    Winstrol Tabs ?

    Wondering if all this is correct? My buddy got me 50 blue winstrol tabs, says they're 25mg and to take one a day, until i run out. (50 count) He gave them to me in a plastic baggy, so I don't know. He knows what he's doing, wanted me to stack with EQ, but being the first time, I want to just do one thing, and I want to make sure this is all right info. Who manufactures the blue tabs? They are round and have nothing printed on them. Are they 25mg? They're real small, smaller than the white dbol tabs another buddy has. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks guys.

    I'm 19, 6'0 195. I'm not looking for HUGE gains, just a little strength and cut up a bit. I just can't find any info on these tabs. These are what they look like... I found that using Google. Thanks guys.

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    Your buddy is right about taking something else with the winstrol tabs. There are blue 25mg tabs, i know but not sure how they look. Look at the profiles to see what steroid does what and which one fits your purpose.

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