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    Site injecting Yohimbe for fat reduction

    I going off on a tangent here, but if I crushed yohimbe pills from GNC and dissolved them in a fina conversion kit could I effectively inject it into my love handles for fat spot reduction. Kinda like a more potent yohimburn which is on its way but the motherfucker hasnt arrived yet because UPS 3 days means next week or the other. %*^*$ waiting impatiently and looking for other ways.... no flames please I was just really curious

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    unwise choice..
    1. injectable yohimbine is not more effective (while you get greater uptake.. systemic release is greater due to the injection solutions that must be used.) + frequent injections + tissue damage.. etc .etc

    2. filtering out your own yohimbine, from yohimbe bark powder is neither clean nor time effective.

    3. yohimbe bark powder contains other alkaloids that if injected may be harmful (that would otherwise be eliminated through oral intake).

    patience.. whats a week?

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