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    I got the new MD and there is an article about Methydienolone, M4-AD, and M1T. These are legal steroids that are said to put on mass as fast if not faster than illegal anabolics. M1T is said to put on 7-10 pounds in less than ten days. Meth. is said to put on 4-6 in ten days and has is said to be the same as a win/prim. cycle. all cases are almost all lean mass. They do not convert to estrogen, but the M1T has other terrible sides. Has anyone tried them on there own, what kind of results did you get?

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    it is somewhat illegal cause it contains 17-alpha-alkylated

    but if you know where to get some, you let me know!
    not an easy compound to find

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    agreed with them being somewhat illega but are you sure they're hard to find? I know of a couple places right off the top of my head to get the raws, tabs or liquid versions of each of those

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