I have 12 amps of Primo 100mg/ml, currently my new cycle will look like this:
week 1-10: deca
week 1-10: test eth
Week 1-3 test prop 50mg EOD
Week 10-14 Winny
Week 7: HCG 500 IU EOD for 5 doses
Possibly week 10-14 test prop eod (IS this a good Idea??)
Week 15 HCG 500 EOD

My question is would you consider adding Primo (200mg/week for 6 weeks) into the end of this stack to preserve muscle mass and would it delete the need for clomid PCT?? As an aside, if only taking 300mg of Test Eth per week, do I need Nolvadex?? Of course I will have it, but not sure it i need it every day??