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    effects of steroids

    what are the side effects of using steroids too young like around the age of 17. Please give me strait forward answers i wnat to know and decide whether to juice it or not.

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    besides stunting your growth?? do a search a search.

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    There are many sides associated to steroid use that you need to make yourself aware of, but at age 17 you put yourself at risk for some permanent damage. Steroids will close your growth plates causing you not to grow any more from where your at. Your hormone levels right now are maturing and are at an all time high, you should be able to build muscle no problem at your age naturally. Adding synthetic hormone can really mess your natural balance at your age, stay away until your are much older.

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    HPTA damage= the nuts, growth stopage= you wont get any taller..youl agravate achne, ect ect.. at 17 you have enof test in your body natuarly to grow fine dont mess with steroids untill your at elast 21 and on and even then you gota be smat about it not a to flame but its 17 year old kids that get on the juice and get hurt, or die, or get hospitalized and worsen the name of steroids, if my arm was long enof id go and smack every kid in the face who is thinking of useing steroids......

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    Agreed guys.

    Leave it alone until 21.

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    In the first place, aren't you supposed to be 18 before you even get ON AR??

    In the second place you just asked an hour ago if 17 is too young to use steroids and you were given good reasons not to then.

    In the third place one of the biggest reasons AAS are "controlled" is to keep the stuff from people who are too young like you. We're all going through all this trouble and some are facing the possibility of jail time for simple possession and teenagers STILL get their hands on it and ruin it for everyone else when they get screwed up from taking it too young.

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    Listen to everyone. I know thats not what your wanting to hear, but unfortunately, it's all true. Everyone is looking out for your best interest. We've heard way to many horror stories from guys your age who took Steroids and regret it to this day!

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    o i don;t know if anyone mentioned but it could make you infertile... which would mean you might not be able to have kids...

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