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    i dont know if anybody saw this yet.... RK update

    Originally posted by Basskiller on FitnessGeared

    update on the Researchkits "Liquids"dilemma
    Posted by request of

    Due to the question of the sale of "research chems" being illegal. No records were kept in the sale of these products to his cutomers. They have spent the last 2 weeks trying to figure out who ordered chemicals and who ordered legal kits. It is impossible. There is no way to track these orders via their records. The best thing that they can offer there at is to advise you to submit a "chargeback" via your credit card company. When you do this, they will credit your account and then they will get a letter notifying them of your chargeback filing. They will inturn at this point, check to make sure that there was an order placed and not already sent and will acknowledge and agree to the chargeback. This is by far the fastest and most accurate way to get your funds back from any chemical purchases. There is money in the merchant account to cover for any purchases for chemicals made. They feel that at this point, this is the most honest/fastest way to get you back your funds. They will be getting charged $20 for each chargeback filied so they are taking a huge loss in making sure you get your money back. They are extremely sorry for this, but it is the best thing to do for the safety of them and you...their customers.

    They are not out to rip anybody off, they just have learned that the sale of these chems (research or not) is not legal without a license. This is for the safety of you and me. Like I said, they are being charged $20 for every chargeback made against them. (they will be losing a huge amount of money).

    If you ordered and paid with american express, they can refund these instantly. If this is the case, please e-mail him your order info to -- He will refund AMEX orders instantly as they are kept on file in their system. All kit sales are legal and kits are being shipped daily. They are getting plenty of those orders so please have faith in them about all kits being shippped.

    All of this has been an extreme nightmare and very unexpected. They are not out to keep anybody's money and that is enforced by your credit card company. You are protected by them from being scammed (which They are not scammmers) When you file a chargeback, tell them that the product was discontinued or not delivered. You will get your money credited back to your card asap. They will answer to them and make sure that the credit stays as long as your order was legit and not delivered.

    They have taken a tremendous loss in the chem side of their business. they purchased $1000's of chems that they can no longer sell or even have in their possession, plus now they must pay $20 for every chargeback filed. This is not an act of a scammer, but an act of somebody who does not want to get into trouble (Federal) and for the protection of everybody at this point, this is the way to go.

    On a final note, I just want everyone (seller and purchaser) to be very carefull in aquiring and selling these products as they are NOT legal to sell or purchase.....I dont care what "loophole" you are told makes it ok. It is not true.

    If there are other shipping or other item issues, please contact him directly at

    Again, he wanted me to convey that he sorry for the inconvienience, but this was done for ALL OF US. He dont want your money for products not received nor does he want your money that will land him behind bars either. Please file your chargeback through your credit card company.

    feel free to copy this to any other board which there were any customers complaining..
    He only wants you guys to get back what you deserve

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    i dont know bro,i think i would just cut my loses if i purchased goods but didnt receive sounds a little fishy to me that they would be refunding funds,why not just send out the legel purchases and be done with it...maybe i'm just's only money

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