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    primobolan depot..

    if i was stuck on an island with only one aas.. id pick primobolan . i worship that roid and ive used it a couple of times back then and made some decent gains. i would love to try it again if it wasnt faked alot. out of all my cycles i love primo the most. its like my fave son lol.

    why did schering have to stop making it? i dont get it. i hope they start making it again.. and i heard that they already started last april in turkey. i have no idea. question is did the big company's like shchering stop making it perminintly? or was it just temporary?

    i hear pegasus primo contains boldenone . has anyone had expereince with pegasus? is pegasus an underground lab in aussie? or is it realy a pharmacy/lab?

    lets go on a **** hunger strike infront of the shchering building so they can start making it again lol

    i also heard there is 50mg/ml primo down in mexico by schering.. is that true?

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    pegasus and sydgroup tested out bunk. eql and shanghai labs primo tested out well. i'm sure you will see some other underground labs coming out with primo since the powder has become widely available. there is still turkish schering primo out there too. i've seen the 50mg amps in mexico, but they were $13 each and I didn't even know if they were real so i didn't get it. good luck.

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    turkish schering primo is still obtainable

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    i've got alot of the mexican primo from schering,, i stocked up b4 they started controlling them down there,, they are legit,, 50 mg 1 ml,, no way your gonna find em now, u can chance it hit every pharmacy down there,u may find between 1-4 amps per shop,,good luck

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    i was just down to mexico. if i'm not mistaken they had a sh!tload at every pharmacy i went inside of.

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