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    dnp and taking a diuretic while on

    So I'm placing my order to h soon and I got everything researched and what not.

    Gonna get milk thistle
    vit e
    and a multivitamin

    I'm gonna start off at 200mg and step it up every other day.

    Question is should I take a diuretic with it to keep some of the water off and bloat down or is this a bad thing to take a diuretic?

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    I wouldn't take a diuretic with DNP - the water weight will come off after cycle - and you sweat like a pig and need the water for cooling.

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    No don't take a diuretic with DNP that would be extremely dangerous.

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    Hell yeah it would!!!! I'm coming off my dnp cycle in 2 dayts. Starting another one in 2 weeks. I'm actuallr going to run some creatime w/ my next one to really try and keep my muscels hydrated

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    Ok cool thanks bros what about taking t3 while on?

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