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    NOT AT THE IDEAL WIEGHT but going on

    a friend of mine is trying to drop down to 185-190 before he starts his cycle of test and eq. He is currently at 208 and is afraid of putting on 20lb and jumping up 228lb. I was wondering if he goes on and follows a high protein low calorie diet would he be able to put on solid muscle gain and drop some serious fat weight.

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    all he needs to do is alter the timing of his complex carbohydrates to prevent fat depositing after workout meals.

    while maintaining a caloric deficit is crucial, going too low will eat away at his existing muscle mass.

    he needs to figure out his maintenance intake and go 150-200 under it per day.

    if he gets on the treadmill for 30 minutes 5x week he will get to where he wants by summer time.

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