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    Help me bust my Anabolic Cherry!!!!

    I am totally new to this Hardcore Lifestyle; and to be one of "those guys" who gets a double take look when he walks down the streets, or on a stage. whould be my life-long dream. I've been really hitting the gym hard in the past couple years; from a 150lbs weakling to a 200lbs bulldog!!! Problem is, although I am A LOT more muscular, I still look kind of smooth.
    Been wanting to try the juice, but I don't even know where to begin.
    Should I try old fasion D-bol??? OR A-bomb??? DO I need to take an anti-estrogen pill???? I'm clueless.....please help me !!!!!!
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    dont take drol or dbol alone... you seem to have very little knowledge when it comes to as.. srart by reading the educational threads

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    Bro try the search button in the upper right hand corner of the screen - do some research and the Bros will be happy to help you fine tune your cycle. Here's a hint - Test only first cycle

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    Yeah, go to the educational thread, and at the top of this forum, there is a post for newbies and cycles, etc.

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    you have a lot of research to do

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