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Thread: Primo!!

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    Can I get some pro advice please...
    It seems that most people in here always suggest that test is the only way to go, why exactly is that??
    Of course the results will be much better than with a milder AS, but also the side effects will be much worse, right?? And also the gains from test will be harder to keep over time, or what??
    The only cycle I ever did, was a deca only cycle, which gave me really good gains and no side effects... However I looked kinda bloated, whivch isnt the look Im really looking for.

    Now I wanna do another cycle and Im planning a primo only cycle. Im looking for gaining about 5 lbs of pure beef in 8-10 weeks, so I dont think I really need the more extreme stuff, like test... Im I right??

    Please give me some advice... Thanks!!

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    my recommendations are as follows:

    1. do more research on testosterone and its effects on the body.
    2. axe the idea of running primo only.
    3. make sure you have some anti-e's on hand this time

    given your goals, i would either run winstrol or anavar alone if you think test is too advanced...but then again, you have no reason to juice if it is.

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    Test is best do to its the hormone that helped make you grow as a mna to begin with. Now as far as sides I am on 800 mg a week and havent had so much as a pimple. I take 10mg of nolva ed and I take .25 of ldex ed, I am holding almost 0 water. Gains from test are not hard to keep is all in how you handle your pct and your calories. I did the deca only cycle and worked as far as gains but I had no drive for much of anything for months so in turn the gains were null. Test is not scary deca or fina alone are scary or oral only just doesnt work in the long run

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    Hey, thanks for the reply...

    So, if im gonna do a test cycle, which one do you recommend, keeping my goals in mind?? Is Sustanon a good choice?? Or how about the winstrol only cycle Daem recommended...?

    The thing is I have been working out natural for more than 4 years and have gotten better results than most naturals, as my diet is always good etc.
    So I just wanna do a cycle that gives me that extra edge and pack on some lean muscle mass that I can retain after the cycle.
    Thanks again...


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