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    Opinion on my recovery time...

    Hypothetical situation...
    If I did an ill-advised primo/dbol cycle 2 1/2 years ago, and it took me approximately 8 months to fully recover without any last cycle was last summer, 10wks test/EQ, followed by proper clomid PCT and that took me about 2 months to fully recover....

    1-Test was great, i would love to include it, but i am prone to gyno, it (along with the DBOL) gave me bad gyno, and in fact i am coming off of gyno surgery. Hence, test is not an option.

    The feeling of not being able to perform when you are summoned is among the worst feelings known to man. I understand that since test is not an option, i will have trouble in that area.....but if i did a 10wk cycle of Deca by itself, how long, in your opinions, would it take me to recover, including proper PCT?

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    Did you ever try running anti-e's durring your cycle to help keep you from getting gyno?

    Running deca without test could cause your body to have raised prolactin levels...... not good....... now running B6 durring the cycle will help but I don't know if it would still help without running test.

    Recovery....... everyone is different but if it took you 2 months on a test\eq cycle to recover than on a deca only cycle it could be much longer because deca shuts you down pretty hard.

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