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    Question Looking for a killer diet?? Help???

    I was wondering if you guys could point me to where i can find a kick ass diet plan, Im on week eight of a 16 week cycle
    5oomgs sus - 600mgs eq - winny eod.. im eight weeks out from spring break and i want to have a strict diet to get the most results from my cycle, want to add some more pure muscle and shred some unwanted fat around the mid - section.. i think it might be from the sus, the little fat storage around the love handles that is... where can i find a kick butt diet plan that tells me what to eat and when to eat it,,
    thanks for the help guys....

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    In the Diet forum. Where this question should have been posted. Go to the Diet Forum and you find all your answers, if not shoot a question there and it WILL be answered.

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    Yes, my diet suffers as well. I only eat meat and protein shakes... I know it's terrible!

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