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    Talking 16 weeker, cycle critique please!!!


    a friend of mine is doing a cycle in the begining of April. He asked me for a help, so I advise him a really good bulker as he wants to put some serious mass. His stats are as follows 6'1 200lbs bf ~15%. It'd be his 3rd cycle so far.
    He wants to be enormous f.u.cker!!! That's how I see it:

    1-16 Test Enanthate 500mg
    1-15 Boldenone 400mg
    1-4 Dianabol 30mg ED
    13-18 Winstrol Depot 50mg EOD
    PCT Clomid for 28 days

    Nolva on hand

    There's no l-dex, but my question is, shall he throw some HCG in? It's a pretty good cycle, IMO - but how much HCG you would put in here and where? Would it be smart to go without Arimidex ? He does want to be gigantic? It's kind of silly to me but anyway...

    Please give me your 3 cents.

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    I dont think you heed the hcg , you need some anti es in there.

    If he wants to bulk switch the eq to deca .

    Winny needs to be done ed not eod.

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    In a cave....
    How old is your friend?

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    He's 22. He's been really crazy recently - about freaky mass!

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    as TRE said, switch to deca and add some anti-e's... make sure your friend is eating his a$$ off... just because he is getting his meds correct, doesn't mean he will gain "serious freaky mass". I find with most (95%) people, they can't take in the food required to attain it. Food IS the limiting factor for all.

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