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    Is There Life After Steroids?

    Well…I have decided it is time to get off this train and go natural for personal reasons. I am 42 years old and have used steroids for the last 24 months. I started out trying to get into shape in March of 2002 at the age of 40 wearing a size 40” in the waist and weighing in at 232 pounds and about 32% BF smoking two packs of Marlboro’s a day. I also started steroids then and have only been off twice-once for 4 months and this last November/December 2003 for 8 weeks. Here {} is the link to my “Before and After” pics with the before taken in March 2002 and the after taken in August of 2003. I was my measurements above in the “Before” picture and was at 210 pounds and about 12-14% BF in the “After” picture.

    What I am looking for are suggestions for something similar, which is also legal. I have looked at Pro Hormones and NO2 but after quite a bit of reading STILL don’t have a clue. It appears that 1-Test stacked with 1-AD is a popular combo but a friend of mine is pushing N02 for the incredible pumps, which is what I think I’ll miss.

    I am currently at 225, 5’10” tall and at about 15% BF. March 1st was the last injection of 1000mg of Test Enanthate and 600mg of Deca . I started post this Monday {2 weeks later} taking 100mg of clomid daily, 4 grams of tribulus daily, ½ mg of Arimidex EOD and Nolvadex at 20mg daily. I am also taking an ECA stack of 650 mg of aspirin, 50 mg of ephedrine, 400mg of caffeine, and 6mg of yohimbine HCL three times daily. I am on a diet of 12 calories per pound on a 55%/30%/15% ratio of protein, carbs and fat.

    Any pointers on what to do would be great, guys and gals. I would to get some semblance of the “pump” to keep down the temptation of doing yet another cycle. I am anxious to see what I can do “steroid free” as I have been on cycle ever since I started working out.

    Who knows-I might like going natural.



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    there is life if you choise to live and not give up.. the power within is the strongest power youl ever know.....

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    The hardest thing will be the psychological aspect of losing strength and some size. It sucks, plain and simple. It took me a good 6 months of being off juice to stop obsessing about all the changes that were occurring. That was 5 years ago and I just now getting ready to do a very modest test cycle.

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    **** Bro those doses are way to high for someone out age. I'd say look into HRT it's legal as long as you stay on what the Dr gives you.


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    I dont think there is life after steroids . But for me its all mental.

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    i'm sorry i have no suggestions for u, i'm only 25. also, i've never really got into prohormones and stuff like that. i just wanted to wish you luck with your decision to go natural, i know it can't be easy.

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    yeah good luck going natural. i agree its all psychological. I have been waiting till i get word of a new job( they may give a lie detector test ) so trying to go a year without the "good stuff" but am really having trouble not getting back on now. i have some stuff sitting around ( not enough for a cycle) but have picked up a pin several times and thought i'll start today and get enough to finish the cycle this week, just barly hanging on and i'm almost at 10 months since pct. but it is psychological. You can do it if you want to. with ephedra and creatine and a good diet you can make gains and lose fat just takes hard work. don't worry with pro hormones i tried them all till i started with real gear and most do nothing at least for me and the ones that help do very little. creatine and ephedrine are top s#!t in the non gear realm bro. again good luck with your choice.

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