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    proof designers dont work!

    the owner of cost plus, (a store like gnc) works out at my gym. he is a freakin monster. he sold my chicken**** boy some designer **** cause he is scared of the pin. later i saw him in the locker room and my exact words to him were "hey bro, does that designer stuff u sell really work" he gave me a little smile and said yeah if ur rich and have 8 hrs a day to spend in the gym. he said he just sells it but if u want size and strength u have to get on the gear. he also said most people think he is natural cause he owns cost plus but if u want the gains he has u have to get on the gear.

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    Wow...he owns the place and dosent back the products (or at least pretend too) he sells. Poor business man.

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    most of that over the counter stuff is wont do what gear does, but mentally it can help...if a customer buys a so-called energy pill, they will think they have more energy and their mind will make them work out harder...kind of like the theory -- your car runs better when its clean --
    sounds like the store owner was just being honest with someone he knows...

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