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Thread: Taste of Clen

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    Taste of Clen

    I got some Clen (40mcg) tabs. They have a C on one side and a score mark on the other. I bit into one of them and chewed it, it has absolutly no taste. It almost like melted in my mouth and had no tatse what so ever. Can anyone tell me if this is normal??? I mean I trust my source but **** I though it would have some sort of taste. LMK bro's.

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    no it does not have taste ur lucky dude id love to get ahold of that clen again i tried it before its legit **** it works ull feel the shakes dun worry, thier .40 mcg thier the best bang for the buck, where bouts u live n how much u pay i bought 200 for a 180 bucks canadian source does no longer carry them i THINK thier made in underground labs in china not to sure thats what i heard from few ppl but ya its legit

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    I'm curious as well. BUMP.

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