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    Gyno and Anti-E's?

    My question is as long as i take the proper anti-e's the probability of me getting gyno is very slim?

    Most of the people who have cases of gyno is because they never used anti-e's and when they do use them it is usually too late.

    I run 10mg of Novladex thru-out my entire cycle and run 20mg PCT w/ clomid 300/100/50

    just curoius? i am sure it is still very possible to get gyno while taking the proper anti-e's but i am just curious what percentage my chances are?

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    It's impossible to put a number on it, but I would guess that it is maybe 1 in 10, or 1 in 20.

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    as long as you use an SERM (nolva) and an AI (dex) i would say your 95-99% covered...theres always gonna be that fine margin though...i would say if you get gyno while useing .25-.5 mg of dex and 20mg nolva ed you are just pre-destined to have it...JMO

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