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    Need help with a t3/clen cycle and diet.

    Hey there people, I sent for some t3 and clen but im unsure as to what cycle i really want to do. I saw a bunch of recommended cycles, But I was wondering if anyone else had any cycle recommendations. My stats are 6'3", 24 yrs old, bf% is 21%, and I weigh 210-215. Here's 2 cycles I was looking at..

    *Assuming the T-3 are 25 mcg.


    Where 111 = 1 tabs per day for three days.

    Do the above which = 3 weeks.

    Then use the Clen at the highest dosage possible b-4 side get too bad. Use for 5 days on 2 dyas off on a two week on two week off.

    On the two weeks off periods use ECA three times per day.

    So T-3 for three weeks

    Clen for two weeks

    ECA for two weeks

    Clen for 2 weeks

    ECA for 2 weeks

    Then you may begin the T-3 again if so desired. *

    *************Or this one.......

    T3------------- Clen--------Hydroxycut
    >1 pill 5 days 4 pills p/d 6 p/d
    >2 pills 5 days 6 pills p/d 8 p/d
    >3 pills 5 days off 12 p/d
    >4 pills 7 days 6 pills p/d 12 p/d
    >3 pills 5 days 6 pills p/d 12 p/d
    >2 pills 5 days off 12 p/d
    >1 pills 5 days 6 pills p/d 12 p/d

    for example, On the days where you take 1 pill
    of T3(which is for a duration of 5 days, you would take 4 pills of clen
    per day, and 6 pills of H. Cut per day..then the next 5 days you take 2 pills of T3, with 6 pills of clen, and 8 pills of H.

    Which do you guys prefer? Now for you gurus in the know,Dietwise, should I eat at , my maintenance bmr or amr, and workout and do cardio, or what do you guys recommend?? What's your advice on diet and cardio for something like this, thats what i mainly need to know.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    its not always wise to use t3 without an anabolic substance to counter the state of catabolism t3 leaves the body in. also considering the half life of clen 5 days on 2 days off would not make too much sense, better to run it for a straight 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.

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    yeah I noticed that with the one cycle with the 2 weks on and off. So does that loko like an ok cycle tho?

    Also, I know t3 strips some muscle, this i dont really care about. Id so much rather sacrifice some mass to be ripped. My preference. I read that clen is anti catabolic anyway, so i am counting on it helping somewhat, though like I said it doesn't concern me much at all. This gut on me feels like a cage, and I want out.

    Now about that diet adice for the cycle..thats what Im manily worried about getting correct (and of course a good cycle)

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    The Iron Game Guest
    you have to learn how to lose the gut the correct way, if you use t3 without an anabolic (clen will be of no use) you will lose muscle. Losing muscle = slower metabolism. All this means that you will find it easier to store fat. Best way of fat burning is to increase lean body mass. There is a nutrition/diet board that members will be able to help you out more, but bump for you and the diet.

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    Vel, this article outlines a very easy way to cycle ECA/Clen /Cytomel . You can easily adjust this cycle as you gain more experience and learn your tolerances/limits:

    Also, if you keep your protein intake up, you should not have any problem with losing muscle. The problem most guys get into is that when they diet/cut, they cut out too much protein, thus starving their muscles for the necessary nutrition they need which equals muscle loss.

    Good luck and good lifting....pwrlftr

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    ok guys thanks but i still need some diet advice....maintenance bmr or amr?

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    The Iron Game Guest

    Re: ECA/Clenbuterol/Cytomel

    Pwrlftr, I feel you underestimate the power of t3 if you think having a high protein diet will prevent muscle loss when on a proper t3 cycle

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