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    I need some help please if anybody would mind

    I need help to with a work out with my total gym i dont have a gym member ship and i have a 4 week cycle of testorona 250 i i need to know a good work out with what i got and dosage with the cycle

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    wait til you get enough gear. It takes 4 weeks to start seeing the effects of test. You also need to research pct.

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    hi bro

    sorry to say but 4 weeks is not enough time to run sus250. you need to run it more like 10-12 weeks and take a shot eod to make full use of the prop. if your thinking of using AAS you should have a good knowledge of the gym and what routines to do. i think you need to read up alot more do as much research as you can before you commit to AAS.



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    LI, NY kidd!!
    again!!....get more gear.....

    im glad i have given my time to type the same response in 4 different threads!!

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