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Thread: RK fina kit

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    RK fina kit

    I ordered last Friday and it arrived today. I saw people were having delays and was a little worried. This is my third order and I never had a problem. I got my fina and I'm ready to go. I'm totally stoked. I've been on sust for 4 weeks and it's kicking in pretty good. With the fina I should be pretty jacked by June. Chest in now 52" arms 18" cold but my waist remains at 36" at 208lbs 5'-5. I want to get into my 32" jeans by summer. I never used clen but may try alternating with the ephedra I have stashed.

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    you ordered from RK and it came ?? my god

    None of my orders have come, and its been over 4 months

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