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    Still no results

    hey..I posted this last weeks, but I still haven't gotten any results, so here it is again. I'm running my first cycle as follows:

    weeks 1-4: 437.5 mg enan & 350 mg prop per week (shot eod)
    weeks 5-10: 437.5 mg enan per week (shot e4d)
    weeks 11-12: 350 mg prop per week (shot eod)
    weeks 1-15: 10 mg Nolva and .25 mg L-dex every day
    weeks 13-15:Clomid 300/100/50 (3 days after last prop injection)

    I'm 6'1", 190lbs. I wasn't able to work out hard or eat right the first week because of some bad test flu symptoms. I felt better going into this week, and workied out hard and ate well. I'm at the end of my second week and nothing is happenning. Shouldn't the prop be making me grow already?

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    Wait until the end of this week since you had test flu.

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    Well if you didnt eat right or workout hard then this week was really your first week so no, don't expect for it to kick in yet

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    Yeah give it another week. And keep your cal/protein intake up. You probably weren't eating that great when you had the test flu..

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