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    Question anyone use Arimdex ?

    Anyone using Arimdex during thier cycle?

    from what I'm getting, the only PCT you need is boosting your natural test production after using Arimdex.

    And its the strongest actual "anti-estrogen" by blocking the conversion to estrogen completely.

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    arimidex is used as an anti-e for gyno, bloating, using it right now, and actually my doc prescribed it to me....been very effective so far

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    Swellin Guest
    L-dex is the same thing...yes, many of us use it. It changes nothing about the required pct. It just helps with the estrogen related sides.

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    It is not the strongest anti-e but it is a good one. You still need to do PCT.

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    what is the strongest anti e then? i was under the impression nothing beats it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simplecanibus
    what is the strongest anti e then? i was under the impression nothing beats it.

    Letrozole (Femara) would probably be the strongest accesible AI, but I don't recmmend it's use for a couple of reasons
    1. It's time for peak concentrations in the blood stream is 4-6wks(l-dex is 72hrs)

    2. Blood plasma levels are reduced by up to 40% with the addition of Nolva, and I think running a SERM along side your AI is optimal

    3. Because of it's strength, it tends to have a greater negative effect towards lipids

    4. An AI in PCT is a necessity IMO, and so are SERMs(Clomid/Nolva), again with the reduction effect nolva has on femara blood levels, L-dex is a better choice for PCT

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