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Thread: prop/var help

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    prop/var help

    was up guys,

    I am starting week 3 of my prop 100mg EOD and Var at 40mg day.So far my weight is still the same. I look bigger but not much weight gain mabe 1 -2 pounds.I would like know from you guys that have done this cycle what was your cals / profile P? F? C? .I am 195lbs 12% bf. Right know i am eating 4300cals on workout days. And 4000 cals on non workout days. My profile is 30% Protien 40% Carbs 30% Fat =334g Protien, 338g carbs nonworkout,438g Carbs workout days, 144g fat. I would like to have your oppions about my diet. Like everybody i would like to get the best results from my cycle, and dieting is the key . Thanks for your help.
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    If your look bigger in the mirror then thats what counts. The scale can be misleading since it neglects to tell us a drop in bodyfat and increase in muscle.

    If your trying to get ripped you might want to slowly drop the carbs until fat loss is steady. Over 400 grams of carbs for your weight is very high unless you have a super fast meatabolim. Keep the cals high, scale back on the carbs, up the protein, and hit cardio everyday. Good stack by the this one before myself and loved it. Good luck,


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    always go by how you look in the mirror......US is right, you can be losing bodyfat but gaining muscle

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    Hmmmm...At least swap the Carb/Protein ratio......and try and cut at least some of that fat out, unused Carbs are a far bigger problem for me than conventional fats, but fats and oils can wreak havoc if you are at ALL prone to acne.
    And ONE MORE TIME...Prop=27 hr half life - Shoot daily, 50mg ED is FAR better than 100 EOD. Steady Blood Levels are the eviroment for optimum growth.

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    Swellin Guest
    I don't think prop/var is a big weight gainer...don't expect big pounds from's not going to happen. You can expect good quality pounds from it...just not gobbs of them.

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    Yeah, I just finished 10 weeks of Prop/Var and maybe put on 15lbs max, with no added bodyfat. I really didn't count calories myself just the grams of protein, though I doubt I got over 4000 very often. I started at about 240 so it's not a huge difference but it got me where I wanted to go. I know people who've done far better than that though in terms of gains.

    Anyway, good luck! If I were you I'd order some sterile oil and have it standing by in case you start getting a lot of pain from the Prop shots like I did. I wish I'd diluted it 50/50 from day one -it would have saved me a lot of unncessary limping.

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    I am currently running test prop at 150eod and var at 40mg ed and I have to have only put on a few pounds of weight. However I have cut up without doing any cardio and people have been making lots of comments as to how I have changed physically in a month including new lean mass.

    What I am saying is that dont worry about the weight as much, go on what you look like in the mirror, the measuring tape or your body fat levels.

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    Has Anybody Tried The Sl Var?

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