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    component t-h and finaplix-h mixing?

    I am going to make some tren and have the component t-h which is 4000mg but was thinking of making a 6g kit instead of a 4g kit. Is it okay to buy ONE finaplix -h cart and then combining it with the component t-h to make 6g's instead of 4g's like planned? I am pretty sure they are the exact same thing but wanted to make sure? Also second question it okay to store the finaplix and component t-h in a closet where the temp is room temp? Or do I need to store in a fridge?

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    There is no problem using one fina cart and one comp belt in a 6g kit. Tren is tren, and your final product will be exactly the same as if you used 3 fina carts.

    You also don't need to refridgerate it. You can keep it with the rest of your gear in a cool, dark place and it will be fine.


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