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    Really bad stomach pains?

    Ok first it was back now I have the worst stomach pains.I started using QV dbols then when I ran out I switched to Akpuxuh - Russian - dianabol .At first I did not have a bowel movement for 5 days.I was get so bad of pains that I had to take some mag solution to make me.Ok but even since then I am having bad pains.I wonder if its just the Russians doing it or what.Sorry to go into gross details but I need help bro's

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    you might have devloped an ulcer. do you eat properly? are u watching your acid intake? eg oranges grapefruit sodas??

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    Dbol usually did the opposite for me . I would usually ish my brains out . Do you notice the pills in your stool? Do you feel there breaking down properly? How long have you been using them that you ran out? prolonged use ?

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    Where exactly are your "stomach" pains? How long have you been on Dbol and at what dosage? If you're that constipated, it could very well be that you're not drinking enough water, which can, while taking Dbol, lead to liver pain. That's just one possibility.

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    man you didnt drop a bomb for 5 days

    did you expect that to feel comfortable?

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    oy! sorry to hear bro. i've taken so much medications in my whole life and never heard of pills causing constipation. It is usually always the opposite... better check on what you're taking. if it's some bad ****, get some new ones.

    p.s. no drops in 5 days? ouch! i drop at least twice a day since i eat so much and drink too much water and shakes.


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    Hi bro i feel ur pain
    Isnt this pumps from the lower back?
    it also may be the water retention....the advices i got was to either lower the dboll dose or to drink much more water. I did both and it really helped.
    Hope u get better

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