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    Opininion Or Advice

    Dear all ,

    Finaly i planing to start end of March a cycle with Sustanon250 - Equipoise - Anapolon50

    I need opinion or advise when is the best time to take these roids :

    A. Early at the morning after breakfast
    B. 1 hour before the gym
    C. After the Gym at night


    1W-11W = Sustanon250 500mg/week
    1W-10W = Equipoise 300mg/week
    1W-4W = Anapolon 50mg/day
    1W-4W = Nolvadex 10mg/day

    PST= 3W after last shot of Sustanon
    CLOMID 150mg first day
    100mg second day
    50mg next 10 days

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    It doesn't matter a great deal what time of day you take them. But to get the best out of the Test. Prop. in the Sust. I would take the Sust. about 7 hours before your workout, so if you workout in the evening I'd take the Sust. in the morning. IMO it's also a lot more comfortable taking your gear after a shower in the morning.

    If you are taking your Sust. in the morning it makes sense to take the other stuff in the morning too.

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    You may to add Nolvadex and Arimidex , or at least have them on hand.

    I would take 10mg nolva ED from start of cycle through end of PCT, and arimided at .25mg throughout as well.

    To answer your question, it doesn't really matter the time. Fedski is right with the Prop timing, but you aren't shooting all that much prop, so i think the difference will be marginal.

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