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    Bromo and lactation question I need answered?

    Here is my situation. I finished my first cycle which was deca and test e about 5 or 6 months ago. I had no signs of ANY gyno (progesterone or estrogen) while I was on the cycle and even afterwards. Well about a month ago I noticed that if I squeezed my nipples hard, some dark white milky stuff would come out. I thought this was strange because I hadn't had any sings gyno or lactation from the deca and it had been 5 months. Well some of the bros on here said that deca can sometimes do that since it stays in your system for so long. Well I jumped on some B6 at 400mg twice a day and I have been on that for about a month but the lactation hasn't stopped. Now it doesn't just come outduring the day and stuff, it only comes out when I squeeze my nipples real hard, then some stuff come out the pores. Since the B6 at 400mg twice a day doesn't seem to be working should I order some bromo and begin taking the bromo with the B6? Should that stop the lactation and also how long should I take it for, a few weeks pass when the lactation ceases? Will the bromo work for the lactation (prolactin) or just for progesterone? I just want to get this taken care of ASAP. Thanks bros.

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    the bromo should help for the lactation.........sorry to hear about this though bro, i guess just stop squeezing your

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