30mg Dianabol per day 1-5
300mg Deca p/w 1-10
500mg Sust E3D 1-10
20mg Nolv throughout
PCT - Clom +Nolv

This is my third cycle. First cycle was purely Deca, second was purely Sust. I know the first was a waste of time now after researching. Just want your guys opinion on this cycle. I'm 23y/o Currently 6ft 2in, weighing 175lb. Been working out since i was 18, have been hitting it hard, 4 days a week for the past 2.5 years, really focused on my diet, high protein, and got myself from 140lbs to 160lb with lots of dedication and focused alot on my diet. I'm very much a hard gainer. The first Deca cycle was a waste of time, gained hardly anything as the dosage was too low. Gained 15lbs on the Sust cycle. Do you guys think i'll get better results with the above cycle, i'll be carrying on with my usual high protein diet, i'll be going with my normal heavy workout. Any input?