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    Help on Prices....

    Can someone tell me how these prices compare to others?
    Stanazolic 50mg/20ml $250
    Oxandrolone 5mg/100tabs $250
    Nandrolone300 300mg/10ml $200
    Stanol V 10mg/100tabs $200
    Ref-B tabs 25mg/100tabs $150
    Test400 400mg/10ml $150
    Test IV 250mg/10ml $150
    Equipoise 50mg/50ml $150
    Boldenone200 200mg/10ml $150
    Anabolic TS 100mg/20ml $125
    Norandren 200mg/10ml $125
    Laurabolin 50mg/50ml $125
    Testopro 250mg/10ml $100
    Cypriotest 250mg/10ml $100
    Testonon250 250mg/5ml $75
    ReforvitB 25mg/50ml $75
    Test200 200mg/10ml $75
    Test Prop. 50mg/20ml $75
    Any comments will be appreciated.

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    they look a bit high,and some look double BM prices.
    but if they are legit and thats all you could get,what are you gunna do

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    Well, from the list...I have done just about each one of them. My last cycle consisted of:
    Ref-B Tabs 150mg/day x 4weeks
    Deca300 600mg/week x 4weeks
    Test Cyp 500mg/week x 4 weeks
    then switched to:
    Test400 800mg/week; mixed with
    Eq200 600mg/week and
    Winny Tabs 20mg/day for the last 4 weeks.

    Went from 218 to 230#. 35 yo. 5'6" 17.5 a 55"c bf approx. 17%. Now I've done my HCG and taking Clomid with clen .

    This is my fifth cycle. All products are legit because I've used most of them. For my next cycle, I'm thinking of one of two things: GH with 1000mg test/400 mg of Deca for 12 weeks. Or stay with a light combo such as EQ/Winny/Primo for 12 weeks.

    Any suggestions....

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    In a cage near you...
    Those look like typical gym prices...Some guys don't move much gear so their markup is terribly high..

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