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    Fina Conversion gone wrong

    I feel like a dumb a$$. I pored the crused finaplex pellets into the oil instead of the magic solution. The next day I pulled out the oil and left the pellets and pored the magic solution in. Would anyone know if the finaplex pellets is still any good to convert. Also do you think the oil is still good to use even though the pellets were in there. Any info would help.

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    i would say its fukked beyond fixing,....get a new kit and more pellets and start over...this time read the directions, or research in the lab about fine homebrewing...

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    No, you should be able to salvage this...

    If you drew out most of the oil, and added the solvent to the crushed pellets, they should dissolve just fine. Once it appears they have dissolved completely, add your oil, saving a few ml's to purge your filter, and continue like you normally would. I don't think you did anything too bad, just didn't pay enough attention!


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    Fina phucked

    I agree with moto.. first and foremost, PAY ATTENTION!!!! (no flame intended) The gear may be able to be salvaged, but it sounds like a better bet would be to go ahead and get more pellets on order just in case, and try to repai in the meantime.. If MOTO says it could be done, go for it....

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