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Thread: my next cycle

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    my next cycle

    my last cycle consisted of t200 and decca both @ 400 mg a week, gained 23 pounds so far, fairly happy, but with work its tough to eat right, when summer comes around work should be much less and i will be able to eat much better, so now its time to plan in advance my next cycle, im thinking of throwing in some d-bol or maybe a-bombs, though im told to stay away from them they are very tempting. of course im going to use test, but i dont know what else, eq? decca again? actaully ill take any suggestions for a good hardcore mass gaingng cycle for my second cycle.

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    I would stay away from the a-bombs.
    Try EQ and Test E at 500/week, and if you really want to then pop some dbol in there.

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    if eating was a problem last time and this time you will have more time to should definitly go with eq+test,both @600mg wk
    eq will make you hungry as hell.
    put some dbol 1st 4 wks @40-50 mg ed and your looing at a great mass cycle

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    You may wanna consider fina bro. Can't be beat. The test/eq theory is a good one however. D-bol is also great for mass but make sure you put some Liquidex in there.

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