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Thread: hows this look

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    hows this look

    This is my cutting spring cycle.
    Deca wks 1-10 300mg
    winny wks 4-10 50mg/day

    clen beginning last week of cycle and going 2 weeks on/off for a month.

    Clomid 3 weeks after last deca shot. 300mg 1st day, 100mg rest of that week, and 50mg/day for next two weeks.

    Milk thistle and Alpha lipoic acid while on winny.

    I am dieting strict at about 3000 calories a day. About 300g protein, 200g carbs, and about 30-40 g of fat a day. These are
    divided up into six meals. I also ordered some yohimburn.
    When should I begin using it? I am doing 30 minutes of
    empty stomach cardio in the morning 4 days a week. I have
    two differnt bottles of winny. One stanazolic and one anabolic st.
    Which of these is better? Any advice appreciated.

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    Take advantage of the quick esters, or should i say lack of esters in the winstrol . Start it at week 7 and run it through 13, that way you can start clomid 2 days after your cycle is over, instead of 3 weeks.

    Cycle looks great, so does diet. . .you should see good results. I'd also throw some clen in the mix DURING the cycle. . .Just MO tho.

    Yohimburn questions shall be directed to Ulter and Macro, so wait for them on that.

    Good luck I-AM-WE-TODD-DID.

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    anyone else

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