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    never took anti e? no gyno??

    I was on a 5 month cycle of sust only and never took an anti E. Did i know about anti-e's? No i did not. Never knew about them nor did i think about it. I have also cycled sust and test E before and also never used an anti e. I never got gyno...never had a problem with the exception of low test levels post cycle. Is that normal to never see gyno? I was running the Sust at 500 to 700mg a week and for about 5 months! It is now a month and half out since my last shot and still nothing. I have ordered nolva and will be here within the week. My big question...... do some people just not get gyno? I hear of other's taking lesser amounts and for short periods of time that have full blown gyno....?

    Also. Like i said it has been a month and a half since my last shot. I have had blood takin through my doc and everything with me is fine. My test level has dropped and it is dropping but very slowly if any! I feel fine... Like im still on AS! I have noticed some changes as far as my thickness and fullness goes, but im able to get a hard on and keep it. My strength is the same. Is it possible for the sust to still be active in my body and is taking longer to exit my system?
    About 4 months into my last cycle someone told me about clomid, and it being an anti E. he explained the basics and i bought a 100 of them. Taking them 50mg a day for about 4 weeks. Knowing now that clomid is not an anti e and should be takin post cycle, but i am wondering if me taking the clomid in mid-cycle aloud me to keep more of my gains and if it has made recovery faster and easier on my body? any help would be good.

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    Some people will never have problems with gyno. I know guys that cycle without using anti-e's and are fine...... Is that smart. I don't think it is because there are other benifits of using a SERM while your on your cycle.

    Clomid as you found out by doing research is not a good anti-e........ but I don't feel that running the Clomid durring your cycle helped you keep your gains...... Clomid restores HPTA functions over a period of time........ now if you are still running AS then your body will still send messages to your HPTA to shut down and you're just wasteing the clomid....... JMO

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    Lucky bastard. Wish I could say the same.

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    a state of denial
    Clomid serves the same purpose post cycle as it would during cycle. Yes, it helps with retention of gains. I dont know how long the clomid sticks around in the body, but taking it during cycle in order to prevent estrogen from binding may help post cycle even if it isnt taken post cycle.

    I have run 700 mg of test a week, and two 19 nors (fina and deca ), and never had a problem with gyno. So yes, some people may not be susceptible to it.

    Knowing what I know now, I will always take a healthy dose of Ndex and ldex during cycle. The benefits of anti-es and SERMs on blood pressure are enough reason for me.

    The sust should be comepletely out of your system at this point. You responded very well to a first cycle even though you went about it very foolishly. Its good that you are doing well, but as your cycles pile up, PCT will be absolutely neccesary. I can only think that you would be doing even better if you would have followed PCT protocal.

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    I did my cycle very foolishly and very inconsistantly! However it was not my first cycle but my 4th. All cycles were of Testosterone , nothing else was thrown in the mix. My first cycle was ( Brovel ) Testosterona200, running that at around 500mg/week and got great results!!! I was 19 years and only 2 years in gym expereince, I had no bussiness for using AS at that age... I stopped when the 10ml vial ran out ( cold Turkey ) and I crashed big time! I was a mess, lost all gains, all strength, stopped eating, stopped the gym. I learned from that experience and i have never crashed since! It is just now that i am learning about what a full cycle looks like and all the preperation that goes with it.
    It just seems very weird to me that i did a 5 month cycle of Test and did not PCT and a month and a half later i feel ok. I know i have lost weight and some strength but i feel ok. Nothing like the last time i did AS! I really think the clomid helped in some way???

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