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Thread: cycle ??

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    cycle ??

    In 4th week of test cyp 200, deca 200 every 3 1/2
    days. To finish this cycle i have primabolan and winny.
    this will bring me to 8 weeks Question when do I take the
    clomid, nov and I have pregnyl to bring back my test levels.

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    take the Nolv if you get signs of gyno

    take the clomid 2 weeks after last inj

    300 100 50
    1d 10d 10d

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    are they primobolan tabs or injectible, injectible has enthanate ester so stays in systm 2-3 weeks, tabs are out in a matter of hrs.

    therefore you can start clomid earlier if you finish deca , test early and then continue with orals for two weeks.

    Lay out you cycle and stats bro.

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