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    alpha tech d-bol

    Some quick questions for you guys. I have a friend who can get alpha tech d-bol. Little white bottle with a yellow lab. The tabs are small and yellow with a 5 stamped on one side and a line on the other. When I did a search I found out that alpha tech is know spectro. What I would like to know is:

    1)are the tabs under dosed?
    2) is this product worth the buy?
    3) is spectro still using alpha tech labels?

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    hmm idf there under dosed no idea bro I used them for my first cycle ever and it was pretty sweet If you can ge tit at a good price go for it. If not go for russian d - bol u can get it fo a $ 1 per pill same with alpha tech. Theres better ou tthere I find.

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    i would nt touch alpha tech( to much controversy around it ) and being from canada im sure you can get some pinkies or russians for that matter. They are a much safer buy.

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