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    Massive PCT confusion

    Ok...I have experience and knowledge, I am definitely not a newbie. But this new combination Im going to run has me confused about PCT.

    Fina-75mgs eod 6weeks
    Enantate-400mgs 10weeks

    I have researched posts that go so f-ing far back my eyes feel like there gonna start to bleed and my head hurts so much I can stare at my monitor any longer. There is so much conflicting info. I read dont take nolva or l-dex with fina, cause its useless, but what if your running test too??? Than i read that people run nolva with their cycle while on fina. I read from one post I left that I need vitamin B6 to combat gyno derived from fina, when do I start that? When do I start my clomid? After my last test shot Im assuming? Than for hair loss is another thing. I read in one post that deca and fina convert to DHN, than in another post I read its just deca that converts to DHN. Will taking finasteride make me loose more hair cause DHN? At this dosage, with these stats, WTF do I do?

    24yrs old

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    If that were me on that cycle, this is what I'd be using in addition to the test and fina:
    10mg/day of nolva
    0.25mg/day Ldex
    200mg/day of B6
    If you're prone to MPB, then finesteride if you want too.

    Your post title asks about pct, but your actual question is regarding on cycle ancillaries....right?

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    First,fina should be ran ed,not eod.

    It fine to run the Nolv and l-dex.

    200mgs ed B-6 for maintenance,300mg twice daily if signs of gyno appear.

    Pct starts 2 weeks after last test shot.

    Sorry,can't help you with the hairloss issue or concern.

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    Yeah, if your using test E and want to use tren too, tren enanthate would make more sense

    OR if you want to use tren acetate (fina), then use test prop and go with ED shots.

    If it's a matter of not having access to these things, that's a different story.

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