I got a lump under my lift from doing only an 8week cycle of omna and 4 weeks of dbol . It formed right before i was to start PCT. i took crazy nolva right away, and stayed on for weeks after with no avail. As most of you know, we BB's are the most insecure MF'ers out there, so something like this really ****s with your head. I mean its not even that bad looking. looking straight on, it looks fine, but you can def. tell its pointy from the side and looking down at it.

anyways, finally went to the doc. he suggested i go see a surgeon. i got to the surgeon, and to my shock, he's like "I'll have it removed AND insurance will cover it". i guess insurance WILL cover it if he calls it a tissue biopsy, but not if he calls it gyno surgery (cuz then its cosmetic).

So for any of you bro's with gyno, GO SEE A SURGEON. the guy was incredibly nice and helpful. tell him you don't know what its from, that it may be from over-the-counter prohormones you took (thats what i did, cuz i was afraid if i told him it was juice then he'd have different feelings).

anyways, i'm going friday for surgery, and its not costing me a red cent imagine how happy i am