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    useful information for xanax users..

    it says do not use if you are taking ketokozole.. wich is what nizoral is made out of.. and i know 70% here use that nizoral shampoo... and the drug is highly addictive hmmmm.... im thinking twice about it since i have an anexity problem.

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    A while back I wanted to gather some info on Gyno and I did a handfull of searches on the web.
    I found a list of drugs that cause gyno AS and Pot being the first ones along with benzodiazepines.
    and Anit depresents there are a few more if I can find it I will post it. I tried the link it does not work.

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    its late but if i have my info right (i'll look it up tomarrow) the interaction is due to microsomal liver enzymes (cyp450, 3a4 i think but that doesnt matter). If you use the shampoo the absorbtion will be pretty minimal and even what is absorbed will bypass first pass metabolism where most enzyme inhibition takes place. So basically i THINK the interaction would be minimal, unless there is something im missing.

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