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Thread: perfect age

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    perfect age

    whats the perfect age to start AAS?

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    i think it is when you can no longer get the gains you want natually which should be in you 20's mid to early

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    the right age to start and it be safe as far as being doen growing and your hpta being mature enof is 21, bur really you should wait till you cant grow good anymore natural, LOL but who does that crap NOBODY

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    The most logical time would be when you hit a genetic wall.That could be in you late twenties to early 30's for most.With a solid diet and training program you can gain naturally til your late twenties with no problem at all..........quite a few don't wait that long,but that's a whole other story.

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    i've been thinking about the 'perfect age' scenario people refer to on this board and i'm sure other boards. I've never cycled AS before, but i would assume that any age on test would produce gains, which is the reason i'm assuming for doing AS. Diet and Training is key, but thats also key in the natural process. The only possibility of a person not being ready for AS would be a person that is still in their 'growing stage' of life (the growing that takes place during puberty and what not). The only reason for that is i would assume it to alter the natural levels of chemiccals in the body which i personally wouldnt want at that age. AGAIN, this is my 'thinking' on the subject, please inform or correct me if you have other knowledge. I've also heard it said that people should wait till they have a base... this seems nonsense as well. (granted a person with a base would most likely have the diet and training down)...

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    At least 21, 22 and older is better. Your endocrine system will pay the price if you start any earlier and that's only one of the problems with using AS at an early age.



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    When your base is strong enough to handle it. I think age is less relavant to the amount of effort a person puts in before they start. I'm not saying start at 14, but there are plenty of unqualified 21+ AS users. I've seen kids at 19 or 20 who's regimens and achievements, as well as genetic barriers are more ready for AS than much older guys who shouldn't be touching juice at 5'11 165 pnds.

    *Note I am not advocating early steroid use , just that some people shouldn't touch it till they get their **** straight.*

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    i started to train serisoulsy at age 22...i have hit some plateaus now and im working on getting my first cycle together...i will be 28 in 2 months.... i wish i started serisously when i was in high school...i was just too busy drinking and smoking pot....
    so if your young and just getting started, dont go the aas route yet... train naturally, will be pleased...but dont let that stop you from reading here and reasearching...never can have too much info on the juice...

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