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    Is it harder to gain naturally after doing a first cycle?

    Natural limits aside, do our receptors become saturated/less sensitive and therefore less responsive to our own naturally produced testosterone once we come off cycle?

    ie: If I do one cycle and I'm still below my natural limit, will I be able to gain or will it be near impossible since my body will be used to getting 500mg/wk of Cyp?

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    lots of factors come into play here, but one cycle should do that much damage. Long term use and high dosages on the other hand will.

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    If you do your PCT recovery you should be ok.....however training naturally takes lots of time as you should be don't get too used to the affects of AAS, if you plan to go back to natural

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    If you recover good after your pct.. i think you could !

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    I think it is more of a complexe than anything. There was a thread started yesterday about not being big enough that touched this subject more. A guy could be 265lbs and still not be big eneough, imagine that? I think after your first cycle something happen's to your body but something also happens in your head. That something I can not explain, but it makes you think differently. Life will never be the same as you once knew it after your first cycle and in that i also mean the rest of your life. Some try it and never go back! Me on the other hand, like many on here, will do AS for the rest of there lives....

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    it is harder to gain naturally if you ask me. whether it is in your head or not, i'm not 100% sure, but it is harder to make gains naturally once you've done a cycle.

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    One factor will be how close you are or are OVER your natural potential. And how can anyone measure that?

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