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    Are these normal gains?

    This past Sunday was the 2 week marker of my first cycle...

    30 mg of Dbol a day ( 7am, 1pm, 7pm) for 5 weeks
    250 mg Omnadren every 3 days for 10 weeks

    As of Sunday I had put on 13 lbs. (don't get me wrong I'm not complaining)
    I was told I would lose some of my cut and soften up. If anything I'm more cut now that I was before I started, other than my face. My face seems just a tad fuller now than it was before. I have noticed very good gains in size and starting to notice gains in strength.

    I guess my main 2 questions are is 13 lbs. in 2 weeks typical and when will the gains begin to taper off? (I could only hope to put on 13 lbs. every 2 weeks for all 10 )

    Thanks in advance.

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    you re going very good dont worry, although most of it is water from the d-bol youre right on schedule....just dont expect to get going throughout your cycle this is just the dbol doing its thing.

    Cause once you go off the dbol you will surely notice a difference in strenght and size gains.

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    i'd say most of it is water...but this is your first time so you should be blowing up

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    yea d bol is good stuff i always go up 10lbs and 2 extra reps first week of d bol as well as around 5lbs increase in mass

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    only run the dbol 4 weeks bro. Its tough on your liver!

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