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Thread: Please Help

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    Please Help

    Dear Friends,

    As before i said Finaly end of March i deside to start a cycle with Sustanon250 - Equipoise - Anapolon50.
    Iam very confuse not with this cycle but i have these pain joints (tendoms) to my forearms and wrist. WHAT I MUST TO DO. Its better to dont start this cycle or to start.
    After this if anybody know how to make this pain to leave.

    Thanks all.

    1W-11W = Sustanon250 500mg/week
    1W-10W = Equipoise 300mg/week
    1W-4W = Anapolon 50mg/day
    1W-11W = Nolvadex 10mg/day

    PST= 3W after last shot of Sustanon
    CLOMID 150mg first day
    100mg second day
    50mg next 10 days

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    hey bro, i use to get the same pains when i did heavy barbell curls,snatches, and cleans, i ask my doc about it, he said it might be because your other muscles have gotten stronger quicker, so your forearms and wrist may not. so when your lifting really heavy weight, it might be too much too quick for yor wrist. u should maybe throw in some exercises that strengthen your wrist (wrist curls,etc). if it hurts too bad, rest and take 1000mg motrin. if it doesnt feel any better in a week, go see a doc. later bro.

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    your'e probably overworking, you need rest

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