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Thread: Sound Good?

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    Sound Good?

    Hello, this is my first post and I have a question regarding a cycle Iím going to try (As a FIRST cycle) I know I'm going to hear "Add TEST" But I'm not going to.

    *Vitamin b-6 will be run at 200mg throughout the cycle for extra protection of gyno.*

    The cycle Goes As -

    1-6w --50mgTREN ED--
    6-8w --50mgWHINNY ED or EOD?(Not sure)--
    8-10w --100mgCLOMID ED-- (PCT)

    Now I was wondering if it would look better like this -

    1-6w --50mgTREN ED--
    4-6w --50mgWHINNY ED or EOD?(Not sure)--
    6-8w --100mgCLOMID ED-- (PCT)

    Would it be better to add the Whinny into the Tren portion of the cycle? Or to separate the Whinny and use it to help maintain the gains? Or maybe thereís a totally better way of running this with the above mentioned products. Thanks for the help in advance to those who have positive and relative comments/suggestions.

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    why is it that you don't want to run test?

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    your going to use tren for a first cycle? hmm, u should research and im sure you'll get some more opinions about using tren for a first cycle,,,plus if u do, i would probably run the winny a little longer to get better results. good luck bro.

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    Well, a few things here don't look good.

    1) You will wish you had some test in that cycle before it's over.
    2) Even if you decide not to run the test, three weeks is a VERY short run for the winny, and you probably wouldn't be all that happy with the results.
    3) Winny needs to be administered ed for good results and consistent levels in your system. This also helps reduce the side effects from flucuating hormone levels.

    I don't like the cycle myself, so I really can't offer you any ways to fix it, other than scrap the whole thing and start over. but first, what are your goals with the current cycle you have planned? What does your cycle history look like? Is this going to be your first cycle? Why are you against using test? Help us out a little here.


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    I ran fina alone at 75 mg's EOD for 6 weeks at week three i couldn't get it up to save my life and suddenly had a sex drive of ZERO. Somethin to think about before you try and look good for the ladies and then cantdo anything about it.

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