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    Deca Vs Laurabolin.

    Ive had good resaults with Deca and would like to use it again but will battle to get some for my second cycle but have available to me Laurabolin from local surply ( out dated but being cool room) will this be a good enough trade of against the Deca and whats the plus and minuses of it, I was using 300 mg Deca a week what should I go with the Laura ??? I also plan to do Sust 250 with it all advise appreciated.

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    lurabolin is supposed be nandrolone lurate 50mg/ml so if u wanted to use say 400mg/wk thats........8cc wk so inj volume might be a problem. i dont know if it comes in a higher concentration but if not, use the deca -durabolin 200mg/ml.

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