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    Need your opinion please on Primo/Test E cycle.

    Hey guys I'd like to ask if anyone has ever done a cycle consisting of Primo and Test Enanthate , I am thinking about doing a cutter but want to use 250mg of test Enanthate a week not Test Prop, and would like to add 200mg to 400mg of Primo along with it. May be 10 or 12 weeks, not sure yet, but I am trying to get some lean solid mass and cut down on body fat. i will be doing a strict diet with cardio added (5 x week @ 30 minutes ) plus intense weight training, I was going to stack Deca and Primo, but I decided to keep test as a base, and of course PCT ( clomid and Nolva )
    Any help is apprecciated, Thanks!!!

    PS: MY BF levels are at 13% currently.
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    What is your cycle expereince?

    There are a lot of other options than primo for a cutter that are a hell of a lot cheaper and arguably more effective. Tren , EQ and Winny come to mind. You could buy all three and and anti-e's for the price of Primo.

    Var is also an option, but expensive.

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