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    It seems this witch hunt may get out of control before too long. What exactly does a 'performance enhancing substance' entail? Protein powders, protein bars, carb drinks? This is getting bad folks, and is likely to get much worse. we're going to have to speak up eventually...


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    "A survey shows that more than half the boys in state high schools say they know someone who uses steroids or nutritional supplements."
    i love this line... so now taking nutritional supps is in the same class with AS???
    im begining to really dislike the media since i've joined this site... it's really opened my eyeys to how slanted everything they put out is.. it makes me sick sometimes

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    yea the media is bull****... the progaganda minister from russia came here to visit after the cold war, and commented that our propaganda here is so much more pervasive and convicing then theirs, that it has actually become our culture, rather than simply being a part of it.

    people in the US are brainwashed to the point of stupidity, it really gets on my nerves...

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